The 医疗预备队 (MRC) is a community-based, 平民, volunteer program that helps build the public health infrastructure of communities nationwide. Each MRC unit is organized and trained to address a wide range of challenges from public health education to disaster response.

The 加尔维斯顿县 医疗预备队 is housed at the health district. If you are not a medical provider be aware that during a public health or disaster medical emergency we need four non-medical volunteers to support each active medical provider. 

If you want to volunteer with MRC:

Complete the following two steps to volunteer. 第一个, fill out the 加尔维斯顿县 医疗预备队 application , then sign up with Texas Disaster Volunteer Registry (TDVR).

 1. Download the MRC Application

Select the link above, then:

  • Fill out the MRC application
  • You may submit the application via fax 409.938.2399, attn: Richard Pierce
  • Or, email the completed application to:
  • If you prefer to speak or leave a message, call 409.938.2222.

 2. 注册TDVR

After selecting the link above:

  • 选择立即注册
  • Select Add Organizations
  • Find 加尔维斯顿县 Organizations
  • Select the drop-down button next to 加尔维斯顿县 Organizations
  • Select the check box next to 加尔维斯顿县 医疗预备队
  • 按下选择
  • Enter your information, availability and skills

阅读“Summary of Statutory Provisions Affecting the Liability of 供应商 in a Public Health Emergency", or, read other one-page summaries of Disaster-Related Legal Issues prepared by the Department of State Health 服务 (DSHS) Office of General Counsel.



加尔维斯顿县 MRC meets at 6 p.m.  the second Wednesday of each month at 9850-A Emmett F. Lowry Expressway, Community Room (Suite A-104), Texas City.  Come join us and bring a friend!

2023年会议日期:1月11日. 2月11日. 8, 3月8日, 4月12日, 5月10日, June 24 -  Saturday 8am, 7月12日, 8月. 9月9日. 10月13日,. 11月11日及11月11日. 8.


Volunteers building Healthy, Prepared and Resilient Communities.


To assist the community during public health emergencies and promote prevention and health education throughout the year.

The 加尔维斯顿县 医疗预备队 (GCMRC) is a part of the National 医疗预备队 based in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR). The 加尔维斯顿县 Health District is the host agency for the GCMRC.